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Why use EVOO in the kitchen

Por qué utilizar AOVE en la cocina

Become a gourmet and take care of your health by adding EVOO in your dishes

One of the main advantages of using extra virgin olive oil in the kitchen is that this natural product not only helps to enhance the flavors in dishes, but also helps to take care of our health.

El AOVE  premium posee múltiples propiedades organolépticas y nutricionales que se ven muy potenciadas en aquellas dietas equilibradas en las que el producto de calidad es la gran estrella. 

Using EVOO in the kitchen is not only a pleasure, but also a good way to provide our body with a series of essential nutritional attributes for its proper physical and intellectual functioning. 

Liquid gold is much more beneficial than we can imagine, and it is not only a matter of taste, aroma or color: its consumption is part of a whole philosophy of life, more oriented towards connecting with the earth and to healthy eating habits. 


Nutritional Properties of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Virgin olive oil provides essential vitamins and acids for the proper functioning of our body. Omega 3, Vitamin E, monounsaturated fatty acids, polyphenols or antioxidants are some of the nutritional properties that we need to include in our diet to maintain optimal health, and EVOO is a good source to incorporate all these elements. 


Omega 3

Omega 3 belongs to the polyunsaturated fats that our body does not produce naturally, therefore, it is essential to find a good source that provides us with its properties in the right measure. 


Vitamin E

Vitamin E is a great source of natural antioxidants that help our immune system stay healthy. It is also a powerful anti-inflammatory that helps keep defenses strong, and contributes positively to skin and hair care. 



Polyphenols act as a protective barrier against the effects produced by free radicals on our body, and in turn, help prevent cardiovascular diseases. 

Health benefits

How does the intake of these properties translate into our health? EVOO provides us with a good supply of these essential fatty elements of plant origin, as well as essential vitamins in our diet. 

Another benefit of extra virgin olive oil is that it helps us to make digestion easier, preventing and reducing reflux or constipation problems that generally complicate intestinal transit.  

EVOO is also antifungal and anti-inflammatory, and can help prevent the onset of cardiovascular problems.


What kind of dishes benefit from cooking with extra virgin olive oil?

Whether we are about to prepare a light dish or if we want to cook a much more forceful traditional dish, EVOO will help us to make the flavors and aromas conquer the stomach of our guests. 

Whether we are about to prepare a light dish or if we want to cook a much more forceful traditional dish, EVOO will help us to make the flavors and aromas conquer the stomach of our guests. 

Raw EVOO is excellent in:


  • Preparations of dressings or sauces such as allioli
  • Salads
  • Cold soups (gazpacho, salmorejo,…) or hot (a cream of vegetables on top,…)
  • Boiled (cauliflower, broccoli, green beans,…) 
  • Preserves: candied foods, pickled or prepared with oil as the main natural preservative. 
  • On top of any grilled meat or fish
  • Carpaccios


EVOO at temperature is excellent in:

  • Sauteed various foods such as vegetables and meats 
  • Baked dishes or stews
  • Preparation of biscuits.
  • Rice
  • Simpler dishes like fried eggs


We invite you to experiment, if you have several EVOO at home you can try and add a different one each time, for example on a good piece of red meat or chicken, on grilled fish loins, in the salad or on top of a piece of roasted pepper, grilled octopus, vegetable cream. EVOO can be equally convenient to add to vegetable stews.


And what about the fried dishes? 

El AOVE se adhiere menos a las frituras y a los rebozados que otros tipos de aceite, y les proporciona una textura crujiente y fresca. Los sabores también se ven claramente potenciados, ya que el aceite de oliva virgen extra proporciona a los alimentos unos aromas y sabores particulares únicos.  Cabe destacar que no todas las variedades son óptimas para ser utilizados en fritura: no es recomendable usar las variedades arbequina y hojiblanca, por ejemplo.


EVOO and heat: what temperature can it resist?

Extra virgin olive oil can withstand high temperatures, although everything has a limit. If we see that the oil begins to smoke, we must quickly remove it from the heat, since from that moment on the oil will begin to deteriorate.

Important: extra virgin olive oil must not burn! Burnt oil completely loses its nutritional and organoleptic properties and, although it can withstand a temperature of up to 210º C, it is advisable not to bring it to the smoking point.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil contributes beneficially to our health and our diet, and also fills our dishes with colour and flavour. Any food can be pleasantly transformed thanks to the organoleptic properties of EVOO, becoming a way of enjoying gastronomy while taking care of our body.


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