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Radix Nostra was born in 2020, and it's the result of the concern of three entrepreneurs who, in love with their lands and the tradition that ancient olive trees keep, decided to bet on a quality, totally contemporary and healthy product such is Oil Extra Virgin Olive (EVOO).

Our olive oil Radix Nostra Milenaria, is extracted from thousand-year-old olive trees of the Farga variety, spread throughout the fields of the north of Castellón in towns such as Sant Jordi, Canet Lo Roig, Traiguera and La Jana, which share this dedication and tradition preserved over time.

We want to give value to the traditional agriculture of our region, give visibility to the great work that gives, as a result, a unique quality product.

During this occupation, olive tree cultivation was intensified around the path of the well-known Via Augusta, a route that passes through the Sant Jordi area.

Our goal is to promote agriculture in our area, presenting a high-quality premium olive oil while getting to know the people, the territory and the product.

We would like you to join us in this adventure to discover the territory and culture behind the production of extra virgin olive oil while preserving the environment by working with the least possible interventionist processes.

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